Your feedback matters to us! Here are a few clients who decided to share their experiences!

I truly want to thank you for your patience and kindness during this transition. Your guidance was effective and helpful when I needed it most. I am forever grateful for your service and support.

Katie P.

Nikki Bell was very amazing to work with. I had lived in my home for 20 years so I had accumulated plenty of possessions to sift through. Also, my husband passed away suddenly and I hadn't taken the time to process those emotions with his things. Nikki was so helpful in both. I would highly recommend this service. Thank you!

Jeanna B.

I can’t believe how much easier it is to keep my home tidy or how easy it is to restore it to being tidy now that we’ve worked with you. Seriously worth every single penny.

Tara M.

Nikki was fantastic. We went through a lot of stuff that I had accumulated over many years. She helped me decide what was important to keep and what needed to be given away. In the end we donated over 700 lbs of items, and discarded so much more. Thank you, Nikki!

Hillary R.

Nikki was awesome. She was on time, expedient with her work, completed the task requested and flexible to make multiple trips to collect items per our move schedule. I would happily use the service again and most certainly would recommend Nikki's service for anyone in the Houston area that needs assistance with purging and preparing for a move.

Sharon J.

Nikki and the ladies that worked alongside her were wonderful. They were very friendly, hardworking and had no problem working with me on changing the placement of items. I would highly recommend this service to anyone that does big moves.

Michelle L.

I contacted Just Us Organizing because my stuff was overwhelming me and causing stress. I was a little nervous at first to have a complete stranger come in and go through my stuff. It was such a personal thing to me. Once I met her, I felt very comfortable opening up my life to her. Nikki came in and helped me organize my kitchen. She did such an excellent job in organizing my kitchen that I had her come in to help me with my clothes. She helped me purge 9 bags of clothes and shoes. All of my clothes are now organized and neat! I cannot praise her enough for what she has accomplished for me.

Vickey C.

I cannot say enough about Just Us Organizing Company!! Nikki is Awesome! She has truly helped me save money and time. bring more calmness in my life ... all by helping me get organized! My pantry would be the number one area that has saved me the most money!! I now see everything at a glance and everything has a space. She helped me get rid of " stuff" in my closet I should have parted with years ago. I now have more space and save time looking for clothes to wear. Don't sell yourself short if you know you need help with organizing and getting rid of that suit you have had for 10 years or buying new stuff and you don't have room for your old stuff :). Don't hesitate to contact her. I'm so glad I did!

Patricia L.

Nikki is wonderful! Completely worth it. I’m telling everyone. I have had to balance this move with our gallery show opening. All came together at the same time. I could not have done this without Nikki. Everything she does is thoughtful, beautiful, and just perfect. Thank you for helping me get settled to enjoy my new home.

Jodi G.

Thank you so much for getting the girls important papers together. It was a huge help and I really appreciate it.

Jocelyn G.

Nikki is great, timely and efficient! Her services turned my home around completely. If you are considering home organizing, take the leap and go with Just Us Organizing you will NOT regret it.

Leo B.

Nikki helped me discard clutter in preparation for a major life event. She is methodical and focused - you will definitely rid yourself of excess when you've completed a session with Nikki. Not only did I have less physical clutter in my closets, but I had a new way to consider what I kept and how and why to discard items. Nikki helped me build a new emotional normal about reducing clutter. I'm forever appreciative.

Ashley W.

Your service was greatly appreciated! You have inspired my husband to address other clutter challenges. I look forward to working with you again.

Peggy T.

You save my grieving soul. Your organizing was just as I would have completed if I were in my right mind.

Shirley B.

I hired Just Us Organizing, LLC to take my storage room and make it presentable. This young lady not only organized it but she worked a MIRACLE. I'm so glad God has given her this gift. She is using this talent for His glory and she is AMAZING. Thank you, Nikki, for being obedient to your calling!

Virginia T.

Nikki was amazing!! We were so appreciative of her efficiency and knowledge. She was invaluable to our needs and we greatly appreciate her assistance in this process.

Jami W.

There is something to be said about individuals that flow in their gifts and operate in the lane that God constructed for them! Nikki T. Bell, from Just Us Organizing, is doing exactly that! My mind is so blown from the magic that you worked and the blessing that you are to my life! Thank You!!! If you need help purging, decluttering or simply organizing your life and your belongings DM Nikki so she can work her magic for you too!!

Amber S

She is fantastic...helped me get my church storage cabinet organized and it made a huge difference. Was able to easily find things and see what was needed. Thanks Nikki!!!

Michelle A

I received 4 hours with Just Us Organizing for my birthday. Nikki was prompt in responding to my inquiry and then in emails after. I had some anxiety the day of our session because I wasn't sure what to expect and I have so much stuff. Nikki got to the house and we got right to work. She made it so easy to get things done and get rid of things I truly didn't have any reason to keep. She was very observant of my thoughts and reasoning. I'll be having her come again because we have more work to do but now, I'm aware of what to expect and am so thankful to have been able to have had such help and encouragement today.

Christy R.

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