Covid-19 Guidelines

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Social distancing rules by their very nature create a level of awkwardness and we hope that by laying out these guidelines ahead of time, it will make it easier for everyone.


Organizer(s) will only come to your home if they are feeling healthy as well as everyone in their household.

Our team size may be based on the size and layout of the work area.

We will wear a mask while on-site and only remove them during lunch.

We will practice good hand hygiene which could include wearing gloves, using hand sanitizer, and/or frequent washing of hands.

We will attempt to maintain a 6ft distance from each other and from you.

When assisting with unpacks we will start our work after the movers have completed theirs to increase the ability to social distance.


Please confirm that everyone in your household is feeling healthy.

Please confirm that no one in your home has been knowingly exposed to COVID-19 or any of its variants.

Our preference is for the house to be vacant or just a single family member on site.

Our preference is for anyone in the home wear a mask especially when interacting with our team.

We ask for your assistance to maintain 6ft social distance.

We ask that one bathroom in the home be designated for use by our team.

Covid-19 Guidelines
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